A dedicated dancer, choreographer, instructor, and joint founder of the Jeweled Scarab Dance Company,
Kiara's theory is: I do not dance for the pleasure of others, but only to please myself.

As a teenager, Kiara was first introduced to Egyptian cabaret by Fatima, a Seattle based instructor.  In her
20's she turned to studying various styles of dance, to include tap, ballet, jazz, ballet for jazz dancers, and
street jazz under Master Class Choreographer and Director Pepper Von, Sacramento, Calif.  Kiara later
went into adult tap with Elite Dance Academy in Puyallup, but after an injury (broken ankle), she found that
tap was no longer a joy.  This was when Kiara re-discovered the art of belly dance with Jaleh in Puyallup,
WA and later adding American Tribal with Adriene Rice.  Kiara's favorite memory is her first time dancing
solo AND to live music all in the same night - what a rush of emotions.

Over the past few years Kiara has also attended various workshops, incorporating the various styles into
her dance structure.  These workshops included:  Jim Boz (Egyptian cabaret), Zaina Hart (drum solos),
John Compton (folkloric), Kitiera (gypsy), Kaamal (saidi), Aziza Nawal (Egyptian cabaret), Jasmine (zills),
Jaleh (veil), Nadira (Egyptian cabaret), Sharon Moore (American Tribal), Erna Woo (Isis Wing), Rachel
Brice (yoga for tribal dancers), and Tahia (sword).  Currently Kiara is studying for her Level I Certification
with Suhalia Salimpour.

During Kiara's years of belly dance she has competed, performed, and captivated audiences at several
different venues, to include:  Double Crown Competition duet and troupe Raks el Zahira (troupe placing in
first) - Portland, OR - 2004; Great Cuisine of India Restaurant, Lakewood, WA (numerous times); Great
Cuisine of India - Olympia, WA; Raja Indian Restaurant, Kent, WA; Rakaasah West - Richmond, CA -
2005; Best Western Riviera Room (Saqra's first) Tukwila, WA; Mediterranean Fantasy Festival - Seattle,
WA - 2004/2005; Cairo Moon - Renton, WA - 2005; Meeker Days - Puyallup, WA; Bonney Lake Days
- Bonney Lake, WA; Powers Conference - Yakima, WA; Ft Lewis Army Base - Tacoma, WA; along with
private parties.  Kiara was also heavily involved as a key promoter for Pangia, a Middle Eastern Ensemble
from California.  This was a CD release tour covering 3 states (Washington, Oregon, and California).  
Washington had the largest turnout, making this their most successful show.  Total success!

Kiara currently teaches Egyptian Cabaret Fusion at several locations around Puyallup and Lakewood,
WA..  This format consists of North African, American Tribal, and Egyptian, with a hint of jazz, creating a
new concept of Egyptian Fusion.  Kiara has also donated her time and talent to help raise money for a local
law enforcement officer when he suddenly lost his wife.

Kiara's current style, and that of the Jeweled Scarab Dance Company, is distinctive because of a blending
of many styles, creating a fusion that is unique, captivating, mesmerizing, and fun to watch.  Kiara and the
Jeweled Scarab Dance Company tend to lean more towards the pop music of Egypt and Turkey and even
sometimes venturing into American pop.  Kiara loves this style of dance because it brings a feeling from
within - a spiritual revelation, so to speak - that a woman is allowed to be and feel like a woman, no matter
the shape, size, or age of the dancer.  The music in itself can be seductive and sensual, while the dancer will
remain regal and confident.  Kiara believes that her strong point in dance, what she does best, (and enjoys
the most), is working the double veil.  Although double veil is not traditionally Egyptian, it is amazing and
captivating to watch, as one veil becomes two and then mysteriously back to one again.

Kiara's goals in dance are 2-fold.  The first goal is to share with all women, all ages, the inner beauty of
belly dance and how to feel the music from within, to break through the stigma that only thin women can feel
beautiful.  Her second goal is to receive her level 1 certification from Suhalia Salimpour.
JSDC Co-Founder
Photo by Laurie Prewitt,
Krystal Klear Photography
Jeweled Scarab
Dance Company