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PO Box 73141
Puyallup, WA  98373

Jeweled Scarab Dance Company (JSDC) is a Middle Eastern Bellydance Fusion group
consisting of dancers with a variety of levels, appearances, and dance stylizations.  The
main focus of JSDC is to incorporate the many varied styles of dance, from ballet to
North African tribe dances, with traditional Middle Eastern and American styles of
bellydance to invoke and exiting and mesmerizing fusion style of dance.  This is done
by using moves, music, and costuming from various styles of dance and blending them
smoothly and seamlessly with moves, music, and costuming of Middle Eastern and
American bellydance.  The result is a wide range of original routines performed by
some of the most ambitious dancers in the area.

JSDC is a true COMPANY - meaning that all of the members are responsible and
active in all aspects of company business, from choreographing routines to helping
make business decisions.  JSDC currently consists of a large number of varied levels of
professional and semi-professional members..  All dancers have been upstanding
members of the bellydance community and have dedicated a large portion of their
time, energy, and lifestyle to this culture and style of dance.

Kiara and Nona Mizuta are currently both instructing beginning/intermediate
bellydance classes, choreography classes, and various workshops and/or special
sessions in several locations around the Puyallup/Tacoma area.  Frequently, company
members participate as assistant instructors when available or needed in order to gain
experience related to teaching others, working with a large group, and breaking down
movements in a method that is easy to understand.  JSDC prides themselves on their
ability to transform a person who has no bellydance experience into someone who
understands and executes movements with ease, grace, and self-confidence.

JSDC as a whole, as well as individual members of the company, are available to dance
at any size show, hafla, or private party, and may also be called upon for private and/or
semi-private (small group) dance lessons in addition to their regularly scheduled
group classes.  JSDC always portrays a professional, friendly, and entertaining
demeanor and are credited as being involved and respected members of the Middle
Eastern bellydance community.
Jeweled Scarab
Dance Company